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Due to Dubai's rising temperatures and increasing water scarcity, our tower seeks to offer a viable and organic solution through the use of microalgae. Microalgae, which are unicellular species, exist in many forms and types each varying in scope and function.  Algaculture is achieved  with 3D printed glass  photo-bioreactors, which cover the East-West facade of the tower as direct sunlight is necessary. The photo-bioreactors are not only efficient in their design but they also allow for the tower to be a didactic tool that people can appreciate both from afar and within, along with the many other exposed processes.  Two types of micro-algae, Haptophyta and Scendesmus, are cultivated through the process of photosynthesis which yields biomass, oxygen and oil while absorbing the surrounding Carbon Dioxide through a filtration system embedded in the structure. 

These two species allow us to target climate control and water scarcity as the former  can become an aerosol, a crucial component in cloud formation, while the latter is used in one of the stages of Desalination, a process by which Brine is extracted and from which Dust Control Agents are created. Drone-like pods then release these into the atmosphere.

Being an incredibly versatile specie, researchers are continuously discovering resourceful ways to take advantage of micro algae. As a result, our tower is comprised of 3 Research and Production cores.  Core 1 focuses on desalination and the extraction of the brine which is then released into the atmosphere. Core 2 being the largest one,  focuses on biomass and oil and the many benefits  these can offer us in terms of renewable energy and  in the creation of highly efficient products. Finally, Core 3, focuses on climate control through the use of Aerosols. In between the programs and the photo-bioreactors are large spaces that are occupied by many processes that can be explained though the educational tour we offer in hopes of raising awareness and sustaining an interest in the growing field of microalgae.


Generated using Maya and Rhinoceros 

Partner: Maryam al Jomairi

Instructor: Ammar Kalo

American University of Sharjah

Fall 2016 


Material Studies with Resin and Rubber