Studio Arts in AUS

This project is located in the campus of the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in lieu of the current Arts building. Being immersed within the crowded parts of the campus, this site offers many opportunities and challenges due to the many contextual features that need to be considered and addressed. These include the vegetation, the fountains and the shading provided by the nearby buildings. Conditions of fields involving sound, people and bird activity were analysed in order to further understand the already familiar context. 

In addition, creating a somewhat harmonic and non-disruptive transition between the new building and the old ones was crucial to our design aesthetic. This was partly achieved by adopting the many rhythmic features apparent in the facades of the buildings. Passive strategies such as louvers and a courtyard were also adopted. 

It was an interesting challenge to attempt to create a building that is unique to the context while still being part of the campus' fabric.


Generated using Rhinoceros 

Partner: Yolla Ali 

Instructor: Igor Peraza 

American University of Sharjah

Spring 2016